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Clan problems

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Отправлено 14 Июнь 2018 - 16:35



I am the Clan leader of Burninators, I Promote my Members to Elder, anywhere from 1 hr to whenever the game wants the Player is back to Member status and no longer an Elder, I happens all the time...what is happening, I put a ticket in and they ask me to restate the problem I stated it the exact same way I did here then they Closed the ticket...It's still happening today...I've given up on your support staff, since they gave up on my problem...sure would like to promote someone and have it stick...thanks for letting me vent...also could you guys possibly fix Chat so it works all the time everyone in my clan is tired of typing something and watching it disappear and have to log out of the game and then back in again to chat...


Any help will be apprecited.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. 
Thank you.

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